A property tech enthusiast, with a passion for building a flexible, healthy, low carbon footprint, lifestyle centred on family and pursuing intellectually stimulating and rewarding ‘work’.


Deciding to go it alone was a decision that had been smouldering for years, driven by:

  1. A desire for greater flexibility and autonomy in how I spend my time, and
  2. An awareness that financial freedom is mostly achieved by those that invest and create.

I had run a small tech company before, had mentors who had successfully forged their own paths and realised if I didn’t venture out now I knew I’d regret it.

Ignoring all advice I had jumped ship without a concrete venture to sink my teeth into.  I spent months brainstorming and researching whatever I had a passion for, including an idea that would help charities escape the fund raising trap via efficient workplace giving.

Before long, financial reality kicked in. I needed to build an asset, one that would pay down the mortgage while provide autonomy, allow me to focus on what interested me and keep the dream of financial freedom alive.

My previous roles kept surfacing.  I had witnessed private equity professionals make a lot of money from receiving a relatively small amount of very large transactions. The fund’s 20% out-performance bonus could be worth millions, shared by only a handful of individuals.   Also as strategy manager for one of Australia’s largest life insurers, I saw the large financial incentives paid to financial planners who sold life insurance policies (up to 130% of the first year’s premium).

These were the models of success I had been exposed to.  I started my search for similar mechanisms and over a conversation with my wife, who is a real estate agent, I become aware of one in real estate.  It turns out real estate agents pay 20% of their commission for a qualified lead.  This has been industry practice across Australia for decades, and due to the size of the transaction it turns out each lead was worth a considerable sum.

The problem then became, how can I provide so much value to home sellers that they will ask for my help to find them an agent.

The result is Which Real Estate Agent (WREA), an independent, primarily phone based, consultative service that helps property owners understand the performance of all individual real estate agents in their area, average fees and marketing costs, and sales track records.

We differentiate ourselves by being strictly impartial, fiercely consumer centric and are structured to deliver positive outcomes for all stakeholders – consumers, agents and ourselves.  We do this through:

  1. Transparency – we disclose how we’re remunerated
  2. Respect – consumers are at all times in control of which agents we introduce and when
  3. Impartiality – we review and provide information on all agents, even those that don’t pay referral fees
  4. Alignment of interest – we are only paid by the agent if it’s a quality lead that results in a sale for vendor and agent.

Since starting four years ago WREA has helped over 6,000 property owners make smart agent decisions and the dream of flexibility, autonomy and financial freedom are very much alive.

This website is a space where I chronicle my adventures and thoughts on what interests me.